About Us

Abantu Village is a modern, ready-to-wear African-inspired-print clothing brand geared towards promoting a sense of community, respect, integrity, inclusiveness and pride through fashion. The brand seeks to inspire persons of African descent to proudly incorporate African prints into their everyday wardrobe in both corporate and casual wear. It is for all who love BOLD PRINTS!

Abantu is a Ndebele/Zulu word that means people. Abantu Village is a web-based company, with its headquarters in Canada and ships worldwide.


    Zimbabwean born designer, Nhlaloenhle ‘Nala’ Ndawana, launched the brand in 2016. Abantu Village makes accessible,

    modern, high quality designs, using African prints,  for the African diaspora, persons of African descent and all who embrace a

    bit of bold colours into their lives.


     Abantu Village, through its platforms, promotes and showcases individuals who embrace African inspired designs into their

     lifestyle. Otherwise known as ABANTU VILLAGERS.


All our clothes are made in Canada.

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 We encourage all Abantu Villagers to share images and stories of their African inspired lifestyle on social media using  the following hashtags: #abantuvillager or  #abantuvillage

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Contact Us:

Email: info@abantuvillage.com

Customer Service Tel:  +1-289 639-6203